Fees & Insurance

Dr Zeki offers prompt and accessible private gastroenterology care for all private patients within Central London. He accepts patients who have private medical insurance or who are paying themselves.

Private medical insurance

If you have private medical insurance, then all or a significant part of your treatment may be covered by your insurer. Dr Zeki is covered by all major medical insurers, including BUPA, AVIVA Health, AXA Health, AXA PPP International, Aetna Global benefits, CIGNA, CIGNA International, ProHEALTHCare, Simplyhealth, Alliance Surgical PLC, Freedom Health, The Exeter Friendly, Vitality Health (Pru Health), WPA, Healix, Health-on-line, Saga Insurance, and Norwich Union.

Most insurance companies provide cover for consultations, diagnostic tests and treatment within Gastroenterology, but it is important to obtain authorisation prior to committing to any care.

Paying for your own treatment

Dr Zeki is happy to see patients on a self-pay basis without a referral. You can book an initial consultation directly with Dr Zeki’s Medical Secretary, or the London Bridge Hospital team. 

How much does private treatment cost?

The exact price of your care will depend on your specific condition and the recommended course of treatment, but as a guide you can expect to pay:

  • Initial consultation – An initial consultation with Dr. Zeki costs £325 with a follow up consultation costing £250
  • Endoscopy –  The cost depends on the type of endoscopy being performed. For a diagnostic gastroscopy (an endoscopy of the upper gastrointestinal tract, the endoscopist’s fee is £500, and for a diagnostic colonoscopy the fee is £600. There will also be a hospital fee in addition to this to cover the nursing staff, room and laboratory costs which can be discussed with London Bridge on booking the investigation.


Get in touch with us however you prefer

Dr Zeki offers consultations in Central London and looks forward to hearing from you.